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Circular Economy

Return to Sender: Navigating Reverse Logistics

September 10, 2020

How can companies establish efficient reverse logistics to reclaim products and enable more circular outcomes?

Product take-back programs are commonplace at retailers keen to have customers walk their used printers and sweaters back into the store. Manufacturers commonly offer mail-in programs, and even cosmetics brands have begun accepting empty packaging for discounts on the next purchase. But all this is very old fashioned, and oftentimes the path of used items is not circular, or even sustainable. This discussion examines efforts to modernize take-back and reverse logistics to forge stronger links in a circular supply chain.


  • Katie Fehrenbacher, Senior Writer & Analyst, Transportation, GreenBiz Group 
  • Ezgi Barcenas, Global VP of Sustainability, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Crystal Lassiter, Senior Director of Global Sustainability, UPS