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Circular Economy

Reusable Packaging: Innovators Showcase

September 14, 2020

Who are the emerging leaders in reusable packaging? In less than a year, reuse models have become one of the hottest topics in the world of packaging. The growing interest comes from the recognition that reuse models offer the potential to unlock significant business benefits whilst allowing the delivery of products to users safely (with sanitation practices fit for a post-pandemic world) without a reliance on disposable packaging. Globally, replacing just 20 percent of single-use plastic packaging with reusable alternatives is conservatively estimated to be an opportunity worth at least $10 billion. This discussion introduces three different reuse business models that have made it beyond the pilot stage, and reveal some of their plans to bring such solutions to scale.


  • Annette Lendal, Project Manager, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Ashley Etling, CEO & Co-Founder, Limeloop
  • José Manuel Moller Dominguez, CEO & Founder, Algramo
  • Safia Qureshi, Founder & CEO, CupClub
  • Gina Pak, Blueland