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Circular Economy

Reusable Packaging: Scaling Past a Pandemic

September 16, 2020

How can companies shift to reusable packaging models while dissuading concerns for safety and contamination?

Since the day of the milkman, companies have launched untold schemes to skip recycling for its less energy- and material-intensive cousin: reuse. While using packaging over and over again is no new concept, recent business model innovations have seen a resurgence of reuse-inspired services. But as health and safety concerns take center stage, the future of reuse has been called into question. This discussion introduces the multitude of ways retailers and brands are enacting reuse models, including systems for refill, returnable packaging or optimising the supply-chain with reusable transport packaging. The panel explores what opportunities reuse can afford, including brand loyalty, optimized operations, and reduced costs, while exploring how brands can address contamination concerns head on. Take a deep dive into the opportunities and obstacles to bringing resuse to scale today.


  • Holly Kaufman, President, Environment & Enterprise Strategies
  • Bridgit Croke, Managing Director, Closed Loop Partners
  • John Hocevar, Oceans Campaign Director, Greenpeace USA
  • Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, Loop