Technology helps GAP ensure supply chain sustainability

"Why should the sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) space be untouched by technology?" asked Richa Bajpai, founder and co-CEO of Goodera. "It should be very much ingrained." 

Goodera is a digital platform that helps companies manage their CSR programs around the world. It works with more than 200 Fortune 1000 companies to track the performance of their CSR and sustainability programs across many countries across the globe.

The companies integrate their own application programming interfaces (APIs) with external systems, like Bloomberg's sustainability terminal, to capture sustainability data in real time. 

GAP is using Goodera to ensure transparency in their supply chain, and capture information about their suppliers in 13 countries. 

"It's not just about how sustainable they are in their work, but how proactively they are reporting back," said Bajpai.

Next, Target is planning to use the platform to perform surprise sustainability audits in their stores.