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Scaling energy efficiency around the world

October 18, 2017

"Start small, dig deep and go horizontal country by country," said Clay Nesler, vice president of global energy and sustainability for the Building Efficiency business of Johnson Controls

He was referring to Johnson Control's Sustainable Energy 4 All (SE4All) building efficiency accelerator. The program is a public-private partnership between companies, NGO partners such as SE4All and WRI, and 28 cities looking to demonstrate and scale solutions for building energy efficiency. 

The cities demonstrate one successful policy or project that demonstrates the value of energy efficiency to save money, reduce emissions and create jobs. 

"They tend to start small and scale efficiency," said Nesler. 

There is room for both "aspirational" and "inspirational" to share their knowledge, he said. Tokyo presented its cap-and-trade vision, while Mongolia also has applied. This is the kind of collaboration that can lead to performance and profit on a global scale.