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Transportation & Mobility

Scoop's CEO Rob Sadow on how to cut the costs of commuting for employees and the planet

November 5, 2018

The transportation sector has notoriously high emissions, and experts have often pointed to cutting the high number of single occupancy vehicles as a potential major lever. The CEO of Scoop, a San Francisco-based carpooling startup, Rob Sadow, explained the company's new mobility paradigm. Enterprises can purchase the extra seats from a driver already headed to employees' destinations, as a form of commuter benefits, community partnership and a reduction of employees' transportation emissions, making the behavior change as convenient as possible. Additionally, this model cuts back the cost of commuting, enabling employees to get to and from work with more money in their pockets, creating more prosperous, cleaner jobs. 

If you can make it possible for those commuters to access jobs, you make new economic opportunity available, he said.