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Special performance: voice[on]display

October 30, 2018

Opera artist Amanda Gregory and digital artist Can Büyükberber present Voice[On]Display: a live performance with Augmented Reality, representing the personified relationship between Nature, Technology, and Humans.
Originally developed during Büyükberber's Immersive Artist Research Residency at Adobe, Faces[On]Display is an ongoing augmented reality work and projection installation that uses face-tracking and facial gesture recognition to explore the notion of self-representation in contemporary digital culture.   
Making its debut at the Festival of the Impossible exhibit at Minnesota Street Project, the interdisciplinary collaboration translates Gregory’s operatic vocal performance into a live projection map of the sounds and moods of the music, creating a multi-sensory exploration of meaning. Electronic soundscapes and real-time visuals portray an elegant dialogue between the archetypal embodiment of Nature as Earth’s evolutionary force, and Technology as the extension of human capabilities and will. The piece offers a vignette to experience ourselves as an extension of nature, interlinked with technology as an extension of us.