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Tackling transportation demand, smart growth and efficiency in Hawaii's car culture

June 28, 2018

The transportation sector has typically made up about 30% of the carbon emissions from society, second to the utility sector. However, in 2016, transportation overtook utilities. This occurred even as cars became more efficient because we have built communities and a transportation sector that force people to travel 2% more per year every year. This increase in travel jeopardizes our ability to de-carbonize the transportation sector.  If we electrify the vehicle fleet, then we both push a huge new electricity demand load on the utility sector — and one that is continuing to increase unabated because of our poor development and transportation decisions. As a result, there is an urgency for Hawaii to tackle its transportation demand now. So what are the solutions? Panelists will explore ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) via smart growth and transit-oriented development, multi-modal transportation, the role of autonomous and shared vehicles and, of course, vehicle efficiency.