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Circular Economy

Tetra Pak's Mustan Lalani on the company's low-carbon circular economy ambitions

February 25, 2020

Mustan Lalani, Global Director, Public Affairs - Environment Policy at Tetra Pak, joins GreenBiz Sidebar cohosts Heather Clancy and Sarah Golden. They talk about the need to discuss addressing climate change and expanding circular economy together, instead of in isolation.

"We need to not only think about recycling and reuse but also to look at what materials we're using as we make and produce certain things including packaging," Lalani says, before explaining the large amount of carbon emissions that come from making packaging. It's a lot, more than that produced from the global aviation and shipping industries combined, according to a report that Lalani mentions.

Tetra Pak is collaborating with other companies — some competitors — to move toward its ambitions and work toward a low-carbon circular economy.