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Circular Economy

Is There a Role of Waste to Energy in the Circular Economy?

September 10, 2020

Americans create a lot of solid waste – to the tune of 268 million tons in 2017 alone. While many localities and companies are championing zero-waste plans to divert materials that have a second life (think recycling, reusing and composting), the majority of U.S. garbage still ends up in the landfill. What's the best use of that garbage?

This discussion explores the polarizing world of waste-to-energy through incineration and gasification. Experts discuss if it ever makes sense to generate energy from trash, and break down the environmental and social pitfalls.


  • Sarah Golden, Senior Energy Analyst & VERGE Energy Chair, GreenBiz Group 
  • Will Thorburn, Director, Cleantech Strategy & Investments, Cox