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Mobility solutions bring cities 'back to life'

In his past (career) life, Tom Madrecki trained city planners to communicate with communities. He learned how to get people to see past the tedium of political involvement in order to "get them to walk along the path of their version of the future." 

Now, as the director of urban innovation and mobility at UPS, he is doing the same for the private sector. 

"Urbanization is rapidly increasing," he said. "Cities that were on the brink are coming back to life, only to continue experiencing growth in future." This comes with the side effects of dealing with congestion and air quality issues while increasing quality of life for residents. 

Some of those quality-of-life demands include walkable communities and are impacted by trends such as e-commerce, all of which "impact companies like UPS that deliver daily in cities." 

Madrecki looks at ways to partner with cities to study and find mutually beneficial solutions for the political and private sector, and in turn, serve residents. 

"Everyone cares about the future of cities," he said. "For private entities to look at that trend and say 'that impacts me' speaks volumes."