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Transportation & Mobility

UPS's Tom Madrecki, director of urban innovation and mobility, on driving the transition to alternative-fuel fleets

November 5, 2018

A new research report from UPS and GreenBiz presented new findings that also confirmed what many in the industry had already suspected: "the value of partnership, among OEMs, users and cities, all together at the table," said Tom Madrecki, director of urban innovation and mobility at UPS.

But action is still lagging — under 50 percent of private companies are having these conversations, Madrecki noted. That means there's much more opportunity out there.

A finding did show that policy considerations, in the present and in the future, are an impetus for electrification, which could indicate a potential lever for change. UPS is right in the middle of this changing ecosystem.

"It's a really exciting time in the mobility arena," Madrecki said.