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Video: Why droids are taking our jobs

May 21, 2013

It’s true, the droids are taking our jobs. That’s according to Andrew McAfee, principal researcher at MIT Sloan’s Center for Digital Research, who spoke live from Arizona via a Double Robotics two-way teleconferencing robot during GreenBiz’s VERGE Boston conference.  

From the robot, which is reminiscent of Sheldon Cooper’s Mobile Virtual Presence Device in “The Big Bang Theory,” McAfee explains why “we ain’t seen nothing yet,” in terms of technology’s impact on the labor force and productivity. He says machines are taking over more and more of the tasks -- including knowledge work, driving and even physical labor -- that were historically the purview of humans.

He also discusses why he feels optimistic -- rather than pessimistic -- about these technology developments and their ultimate impact on humanity. Watch this video to find out why he thinks we should “welcome our new computer overlords.” Read more about McAfee’s keynote speech here.