We are 100: voices from our collective journey to 100% renewable energy

Hawaii is the first state in the nation with 100% renewable energy targets for both for electricity and ground transportation. But what does that mean for everyday residents and businesses in 
the islands? What is their role in our journey to 100%?

“We Are 100” showcases actions and commitments that support Hawaii’s journey to 100% by various companies, organizations, and individuals across the state. The goal is to demonstrate Hawaii’s leadership, promote and lock-in individual and business action, highlight bright spots, and pull together disparate communities in Hawaii under a common goal. We Are 100 will include unexpected and nontraditional allies in the push for 100% renewable. Each voice will share a clean energy action that they have already taken as well as a “stretch” commitment to accelerate clean energy progress. These are stories of people who don’t just have skin in the game, they have soul in the game. For all of us, 100% renewable isn’t some “policy;” it’s Hawaii’s broadly supported commitment to the globe. We Are 100 shows how we are doing it.