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Transportation & Mobility

What does the highway of the future look like?

October 18, 2017

Harriet Langford's father, Ray Anderson, founder of Interface carpet company, is known as "the greenest industrialist of the century." At Interface, Anderson bent the linear take-make-waste model of a billion-dollar company and introduced the circular economy into his manufacturing process. 

When an 18-mile stretch of highway in Georgia was dedicated to Anderson, Langford — trustee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation  knew that she had to honor her father's legacy. Now, the highway, dubbed "The Ray," is a "living lab for transportation technology and changing the world," she said. 

The Ray will be the "highway of the future," home to a 1MW solar farm on the road's shoulder. And by adding shredded tires to asphalt, the highway will be safer for drivers, make use of waste material and even decrease dangerous mosquito populations. 

We've been paving road the same way for over 60 years. Due to one family's dream, change is on the horizon.