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What an island state taught the world about sustainable development

September 11, 2017

Hawai'i is the United State's most isolated populated landmass, but its experiences, approach and solutions to sustainability can resonate through the world. 

The island state is internally navigating the challenges of balancing economic growth, energy independence, economic stewardship and community resilience. Furthermore, it is still strongly committed to the Paris Agreement on climate. 

"We are talking government stepping up to the plate now," said Kauai's Mayor Carvalho at VERGE Hawaii 2017. Hawaii has doubled its fleet of electric cars, made progress on sustainable agriculture and served as a model for integrated green growth because of strong public-private partnerships. 

This, along with the Aloha+ Challenge, a statewide platform and framework for government and business action are catalyzing a culture of collaboration that will bridge the gap between conservation, energy and economic development. This expert panel, moderated by Celeste Connors, executive director of Hawaii Green Growth, explores the lessons that the mighty state can teach the world.