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Circular Economy

What will it take to finance the circular economy?

November 30, 2016

Large institutional investors soon will need to begin investing into high productivity activities and this means their $100 trillion in assets under management (AUM) will start to move quickly towards cleaner, smarter technologies. Michael Molitor, a senior fellow at the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, thinks it's time for the sustainability world to understand how to capitalize on this opportunity.

Molitor also thinks he's figured out which lever to pull: "What if a transition to the circular economy helps solve the biggest problem on the planet?" he asks.

On the mainstage at VERGE 16, Molitor delves into just how the circular economy can spur growth by asking the follow-up questions: How much capital do we need to make the transition to a circular economy (in comparison to how much money we need to continue investing into inefficient and low productivity activities)? And where will the capital come from?