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Circular Packaging: The State of Play

May 21, 2019

A confluence of forces is roiling the packaging industry. The combination of concerns about plastic waste, the emergence of the circular economy, and the blossoming of advanced, environmentally friendly materials is changing how manufacturers and brands are thinking about packaging. Suddenly, companies are finding that their brand equity and growth potential may be threatened over concerns about waste and pollution.

 The packaging world and the brands they service are beginning to respond, some behind the scenes, others more visibly. But one thing is clear: There’s a revolution in packaging coming, and circularity will be key to the changes taking place.

 In this one-hour webcast, a panel of industry experts will talk about the trends: where we are, how companies and their packaging suppliers are responding, and the barriers still to overcome. Those barriers include consumer education, infrastructure challenges, the need to make viable solutions cost-competitive, and the various tradeoffs companies face as they consider alternative packaging and delivery methods for their products.

 Among the things you’ll learn:

  • The latest business strategies around circular packaging
  • The activist, investor, consumer and other pressures driving companies
  • The growth of alternative materials and packaging styles
  • What to expect in the next few years



Free Download: By registering for this webcast you will receive GreenBiz Insights: Circular Economy Trends. This collection of articles, information and analysis will keep you up to date on leveraging opportunities in the circular economy to advance your sustainability strategy and grow your business. A link to this PDF download will be provided after the webcast on May 21, 2019.


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