Data-Driven Strategies for Achieving Zero-Waste Goals

A growing number of organizations are driving their operations toward the goal of achieving zero waste. To be effective, this requires collecting data from disparate sources and a data management strategy that supports new tools for analysis. It can also require partnerships to explore solutions for difficult-to-recycle materials or the development of educational programs to engage the entire workforce.

In this hour-long webcast, you’ll hear representatives from Waste Management, Nike, and Carnival Cruise Lines explain how they are executing effective data-management strategies to define and reach their zero-waste goals. Based upon the experiences of these organizations, you’ll learn:

  • Effective data-management strategies for collecting, benchmarking and setting goals
  • Extending research, development and data management with the help of partners and technology
  • Continuous improvement best practices
  • Data verification and reporting drivers (e.g. actual vs. estimated data, and data transparency)

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