Decarbonizing E-Commerce: A Path to Low-Carbon Shipping

With the rise of on-demand e-commerce, the carbon emissions of the shipping supply chain have started to rise. In order to meet sustainability goals, reduce operating costs and tighten control over the supply chain, more companies are studying their options to decarbonize shipping — whether that's electrifying the last-mile delivery of goods, moving to more efficient rail or buying carbon offsets. This emerging movement faces many challenges including the introduction (and disruption) of new technology, potential short-term cost increases and a lack of collaboration. In this webcast you'll learn how corporate sustainability leaders, shipping partners, policy makers and tech companies are making it easier to analyze and reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. 


Katie Fehrenbacher, GreenBiz Group


Chelsea Mozen, Etsy, Inc.

Mark Mondik, 3Degrees

Angela Hultberg, Ingka Group

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