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How Industry Collaboration Can Create a Sea Change in Ocean Sustainability

With an increasing global demand for food and mounting pressure on the earth’s carrying capacity, the rate of innovation to provide sustainable food sources needs rapid acceleration. The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a radical experiment addressing this, by utilizing an innovative business model of competitors working collaboratively to find and share solutions to sustainability challenges. The CEOs work together to move forward the salmon farming industry as a whole, instead of competing and pushing individual companies ahead. The GSI sees pre-competitive cooperation as an essential vehicle to accelerate the progress required at speed and scale.

During this free session, GSI Convenor Avrim Lazar will join WWF’s Senior Vice President for Markets and Food, Jason Clay, as well as Cargill’s President of Aqua Nutrition, Einar Wathne, for a discussion around the need for change within global food production systems, and will introduce the idea of pre-competitive collaboration and provide practical examples from salmon farming of how it can help business development.

In this hour-long webinar, participants will learn:

  • The benefits of working pre-competitively – for your company, and for your industry as a whole
  • How pre-competitive cooperation, and sustainability, can become part of business culture while maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Why private-public collaborations are important to sustainable development




Avrim Lazar

Principal Convenor
Principal Convenor, Global Salmon Initiative

Jason Clay

Senior Vice President Markets, Executive Director
The Markets Institute for the World Wildlife Fund

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