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How to Participate in the Emerging Carbon Economy

The science is now clear: In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, it’s not enough just to emit less, or even none at all. We also must deploy technologies that draw down carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The good news is that these technologies already exist. Companies can purchase cement that contains carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere, do business with farmers who store carbon in soil, and buy plastics made from atmospheric carbon. These products and more are part of a move toward an economy that may one day capture and store more carbon than it emits, providing both economic growth and a means by which we can reverse climate change.

This one-hour interactive webcast will introduce you to the key ideas, technologies and businesses in what’s estimated to be a multi-trillion dollar opportunity over the coming years. Among the questions we will explore:


  • How can companies add carbon-negative products to their supply chains?

  • Which technologies and products have the potential to capture and store the most carbon?

  • How is the carbon economy expected to grow over the next five and 10 years?


Free Download: By registering for this webcast, you'll be among the first to receive a copy of the GreenBiz Insights: Carbon Removal report, which offers valuable insights and case studies on the carbon economy and the trillion-dollar business opportunity it presents. You'll receive a link to the pdf, following the webcast.




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