How SASB Standards Can Jumpstart Your 2016 Reporting

Investors are increasingly relying on environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures to support investment decisions. However, investors express a high level of dissatisfaction about the quality of ESG information available to them today. SASB, a US nonprofit, supports investor demand for decision-useful ESG disclosure. SASB issues industry-specific sustainability accounting standards grounded in financial materiality. The majority of SASB’s provisional standards have now been released, with the remaining standards to be issued by March 2016, at which time 80 provisional standards will be available.

This webcast will provide practical advice for how companies can use SASB standards for increased performance management and disclosure in SEC filings.Invite your investor relations team and controller to this webcast to learn about:

  • investor interest in ESG and current levels of dissatisfaction with available information;
  • how to use SASB standards for both internal management and external disclosure;
  • practical guidance on using SASB standards to prepare for 2016 reporting, including insight from Bloomberg LP’s pilot use of the standards.


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