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Intelligent Streetlights: The Right Foundation for Smart Cities

Cities and utilities worldwide are investing in technologies and strategies that promise to enhance operational efficiencies and improve quality of service for residents and businesses. Intelligent streetlights are one frequent focus because they can reduce energy waste, drive operational efficiency, and improve public safety in the short term while creating a foundation for additional applications in the long term.

However, cities and utilities face a range of challenges —including project planning, coordinating workflows, IT integration, technology selection and more. This webcast will feature leading smart city/utility practitioners.

Among the topics that will be covered in this interactive session:

  • Developing a pilot and scaling to production
  • Key selection criteria cities and utilities are using to evaluate smart city solutions
  • Lessons learned from implementation
  • Expected benefits of intelligent streetlights
  • Insight into how intelligent streetlights can make cities/utilities more resilient and are providing a foundation for innovative services



Dan Evans

Director Product Management
Smart Cities, Itron, Inc.

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