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Investing in Solutions to Stop Ocean Plastic

Plastic waste in the ocean represents one of the most urgent and fast-growing ecological challenges of our time. Scientists estimate that more than half of the 8 million metric tons of plastic that flows into the ocean every year comes from developing countries in Southeast Asia, where waste management processes and recycling infrastructure have lagged behind rapid regional economic growth.  

How can companies and other stakeholders stem the tide? This one-hour, interactive webcast will provide insights about the complexity of the ocean plastic waste problem and why investment in waste management and collection is essential for businesses to address this global crisis.

Among the topics the experts will explore:

  • What is causing the leakage of waste into our oceans, and why we urgently need to address the ocean plastic waste issue
  • How a fund specifically focused on this effort, Circulate Capital, came about; its plans for 2019; and ways companies can join the effort
  • Why collaborations across industries, governments and value chains are necessary to define and drive effective solutions


Heather Clancy, Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group


Emily Woglom, Executive Vice President, Ocean Conservancy

Rob Kaplan, Founder and CEO, Circulate Capital

Jeff Wooster, Global Director of Sustainability, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics


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