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Navigating the Energy-City Nexus: The role of companies, utilities and technology

Energy utilities have been undergoing the same digital revolution as cities and other businesses, with the same potential for innovation and disruption. As municipalities embrace “smart city” solutions, from lighting to mobility to healthcare, there is an opportunity for utilities to drive new sources of revenue and customer engagement, and to remain competitive amid a changing energy landscape.

But these relationships aren’t simple. They often require new kinds of business models and relationships. And there are countless variables, including short-term political considerations and the alphabet soup of solutions that confront any institutional buyer of digital services. If this marriage – often spanning the public-private sector divide – is going to work, there are a number of rules of the road to understand.

This one-hour webcast will explore how utilities and cities can more effectively work together, and the kinds of opportunities that ensure success for technology companies and customers. It will explore the state of the art of partnerships between utilities and cities and identify the pitfalls and potential solutions.

Among the things you’ll learn:

  • The new and emerging relationships between cities and utilities
  • Success stories from the U.S. and around the world
  • The ingredients for success
  • The opportunity for technology companies




John Smola

Growth Partnership Manager
Alabama Power Company

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