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New Technologies, Data and Markets to Accelerate Improvements in Forest Carbon Credits

Date/Time: January 21, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT)

With a steady parade of corporate carbon net-zero pledges released in 2020 and even more coming in 2021, there is an enormous demand for forest carbon credits. This is empowering local and global actors to drive climate impact and opens the door for biodiversity and wildlife habitats co-benefits to vital forest ecosystems.

However, there are many challenges to procuring credible forest carbon credits, especially because natural systems are so complex and measurements have historically been so expensive. Recent articles (Bloomberg, MIT Tech Review, Grist) and academic literature (Haya) have highlighted the issues that plague forest carbon projects, and many sophisticated buyers have begun avoiding forest carbon projects completely.

New remote-sensing technologies are creating data-driven market mechanisms that can solve these issues by empowering every landowner and every acre to be part of the climate solution.

Among the topics:

  • How to procure science-based forest carbon credits from landowners in your state or supply chain (the RISE framework – real, immediate, scalable, efficient)
  • How data is democratizing access to forest carbon markets
  • How market mechanisms can achieve balance on the landscape encompassing forest values beyond just timber - including carbon, biodiversity, wildfire mitigation
  • The state of the art in carbon procurement


  • Jim Giles, Food & Carbon Analyst, GreenBiz Group


  • Zack Parisa, CEO, SilviaTerra
  • Terry Baker, CEO, Society of American Foresters
  • Liz Willmott, Carbon Program Manager, Microsoft

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