The Opportunities and Challenges of Buying Renewable Energy

Every day, it seems the focus on reducing our carbon emissions increases. So does the pressure on the corporate Chief Sustainability Officer to come up with a strategy that is comprehensive, cost-effective, and that can pass internal muster across a number of constituents with diverse viewpoints.

Companies are increasingly considering purchase of renewable electricity directly from renewable projects as a way to address both sustainability and financial goals. But doing so can be complicated: Stakeholders must manage complex issues such as cost evaluation, economic evaluation, project availability and sourcing, risk assessment, credit and financing considerations, and more.

Successful execution requires the expertise to understand the full landscape of opportunities, preferred contract elements and structures, developer/project due diligence, potential pitfalls and risk mitigation, and the ability to identify the renewables projects that exist for contracting. While some companies have chosen to approach the opportunity directly, the majority of companies with successful renewable energy transactions have worked with an experienced partner.

In this free, one-hour webcast with Altenex you’ll learn:

• What the opportunities are for companies seeking low-cost/low-risk renewable energy;

• How to approach the renewable energy supply industry;

• How to enter into long-term contracts for renewables resources such as wind and solar;

• How best to manage the internal approval process;

• What leading companies are doing to mitigate their carbon exposure and develop long-term, cost-effective electricity procurement strategies

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