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Packaging Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Across total global retail, it's estimated that greater than $3 trillion of packaging is produced annually, leading to increasing frustration from customers who have to dispose of or recycle it after purchase. One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce retail packaging is designing it to be as compact as possible while ensuring that products arrive to customers fully intact. Amazon works with manufacturers worldwide, helping them re-think and re-build their packaging, reducing waste throughout the supply chain while ensuring products are delivered to the customer undamaged. Tune in to this webcast to hear from Amazon, a key partner, Hasbro, as well as packaging leader GreenBlue to learn:

  • How the role of packaging in e-commerce retail differs from brick and mortar and the implications on packaging design. 
  • How companies like Hasbro are taking advantage of the Frustration-Free Packaging program at Amazon to improve the customer experience while reducing waste and cost
  • What’s on the horizon in packaging innovation and how e-commerce can lead the conversation

Moderator:  Lauren Phipps, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz Group


Brent Nelson, Senior Manager, Worldwide Packaging, Customer Packaging Experience (CPEX), Amazon

Nina Goodrich, GreenBlue Executive Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition Director

Jeff Jackson, Vice President, Global Amazon, Hasbro, Inc.


Brent Nelson

Senior Manager, Customer Packaging Experience (CPE

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