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Preserving the Value of Our Ocean by Preventing Plastic Waste

More than 11 million tons of plastic pollution enter the ocean each year, approximately 80% from land-based sources, and 20% from ocean-based sources like fisheries and vessels. Unless addressed, plastic pollution will increasingly harm human and ocean health as well as our economies and livelihoods. We cannot address these challenges in our own silos. What does it take to build global projects through partnerships with investors, businesses and nonprofits? This panel will highlight the challenges and opportunities for the GreenBiz community to engage in the fight against plastic pollution and further the circular economy.

  • How plastic waste harms our ocean and our economy
  • Ongoing projects and partnerships between investors, businesses, and nonprofits addressing this challenge
  • Opportunities for your company to engage


  • Suz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz Group


  • Keri Browder, Cities Project Director, Ocean Conservancy
  • Ellen Martin, Impact and Insights Director, The Circulate Initiative
  • Leslie Hushka, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, The Bumble Bee Seafood Company

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Suz Okie

Director, Design Strategy & Circular Economy
GreenBiz Group

Leslie Hushka

Director, Chief Sustainability Officer
Green Dot North America, Inc.

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