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Renewable Energy Purchases: Not Just For The Fortune 100 Anymore

With every passing day, the pressure increases on corporations to come up with cost-effective carbon management strategies.  In response, large Silicon Valley IT companies have paved the way towards limiting their carbon exposure by purchasing renewable energy directly from large wind and solar projects.

But this option doesn’t apply to smaller companies who don’t have the luxury of multi-billion dollar balance sheets. Or does it?

Although not a simple undertaking for smaller companies, the ability to purchase renewable energy and manage carbon exposure is very achievable if you have the right partners and collaborative peer-to-peer networks to help walk you through the process. 

Iron Mountain – a Fortune #730 global company dedicated to storing and protecting your information and assets will share its experience in successfully negotiating a long-term renewable power purchase agreement with the help of Altenex.   

In this free, one-hour webcast with Altenex and Iron Mountain you’ll learn:

  1. Where the renewables projects are in North America
  2. How to enter into long term contracts for renewable resources such as wind and solar
  3. The risks and opportunities embedded in such contracts, and how to address them
  4. How best to navigate the internal approval process
  5. How to evaluate the various options available in the market and build a portfolio of solutions that meet your company’s unique needs.


Blaine Collison, Managing Director, Altenex

Kevin Hagen, Director- Corporate Responsibility, Iron Mountain

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Principal, Northbridge Energy Partners LLC


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