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Scaling Success in Energy Management

Energy Management has evolved a lot over the past decade. As organizations move beyond just changing out light bulbs, investment in commercial and industrial building energy efficiency has more than doubled between 2006 and 2014, from $7 billion to $16 billion. This growth has been fueled by a mix of organizational sustainability commitments, the availability of enabling incentive programs, the proliferation of cost-effective technologies, and the promise of significant financial savings.

Since 2008, the EDF Climate Corps program has played a significant supporting role in this growth, helping over 400 “host organizations” jumpstart energy management solutions by matching them with trained graduate student fellows who work onsite to identify actionable energy reduction strategies.

This one-hour webcast will summarize findings from a comprehensive report that highlights key trends, opportunities and next steps for companies regardless of their sophistication on energy management topics.

You’ll learn how:

  1. To be more strategic and sophisticated about energy management, beyond just energy efficiency
  2. Companies are scaling up their energy projects to achieve greater results
  3. To choose and implement energy projects, leveraging the latest technologies
  4. To leverage your investments to provide better environmental returns


  • Liz Delaney, Program Director, EDF Climate Corps
  • Ellen Shenette, Senior Analyst, EDF Climate Corps
  • David Newman, Senior Director of Environment, Health and Safety, Comcast Cable


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