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The Science of Setting Credible Courageous Sustainability Goals

Corporate adoption of science-driven sustainability targets is gaining momentum, and the timing couldn’t be better. The world’s most pressing problems rely now, more than ever, on strong leadership from the corporate sector, and the resiliency of global business is more dependent than ever on solving these problems.

In this webinar, the panel – composed of sustainability professionals from General Mills, Kering, McDonald’s and Quantis - will help participants understand why going big on sustainability goals can be a smart business strategy as well as good stewardship. We’ll discuss the intersection of today’s major frameworks, such as science-driven goal setting, the Science-Based Targets initiative, planetary boundaries, Sustainable Development Goals and more, and provide concrete business cases from diverse organizations on how they're conducting this transition.

During this one-hour, interactive session the panel will provide concrete answers to:    

  • What is “science” in the context of science-driven goals?

  • Why are so many leaders anchoring their goals on science? Why are they moving from safe to bold goals? What decisions and challenges were faced along the way?

  • How to go beyond carbon in science-driven goal setting?

  • What metrics, tools and frameworks are needed to deliver on these goals?

  • Why and how sustainability targets should be anchored to global goals (SDGs) and planetary boundaries?

  • How sustainability champions can create engagement and earn C-Suite buy-in for a science-driven sustainability strategy

  • What’s next after committing to and setting targets?


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