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Setting Goals: Have We Reached the Limits of Recycling?

This second of our two-part webcast series on calculating the environmental impacts of recycling and waste disposal (see Part 1 here), looks at how regulators and private industry can apply the principles of Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) to replace or augment weight-based recycling goals.  

As the materials in the waste stream change, becoming lighter and more efficient, weight-based goals are no longer achievable. A growing number of organizations are applying lifecycle assessment strategies to capture the value of reducing environmental impacts from production through use and end-of-life.

This one-hour webcast will provide insight into how corporate and urban sustainability leaders can understand new approaches for setting waste reduction and recycling goals. You’ll learn:

  • What the paradigm shift to sustainable materials management implies in terms of balancing the recycling goals of environmental benefit, economics and material recovery.
  • The value of setting and updating goals as technology and society evolve
  • Why the concepts of Sustainable Materials Management and lifecycle thinking are critical to establishing materials management goals and programs
  • How changes in the global economy, packaging trends and recycling programs require that we update our thinking on materials management and develop programs for today’s changing waste stream

Susan Robinson, Waste Management Senior Public Affairs Director
Anne Johnson, Vice President, Resource Recycling Systems



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