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What Sustainability Executives Need to Know About Microgrids

The influence of sustainability executives on corporate energy policy and procurement has grown significantly in recent years. Many sustainability professionals have successfully led initiatives to set ambitious renewable energy targets.But what is the best path to achieving those targets? Advances in energy generation, storage and control technologies are giving large energy users a myriad of options for reducing energy costs, reducing GHG emissions, participating in energy markets, and ensuring continuous energy supply in the face of grid outages.

Where do Microgrids fit in? This one-hour webcast provides a primer on microgrids for sustainability executives — from companies, universities and municipalities — to give you the tools and knowledge to assess when a microgrid is the right solution for your organization.

Among the things you’ll learn:

  1. What is a microgrid? How is it different from: a solar PV or wind project, a solar and energy storage project, back-up generation?
  2. How can a microgrid can help your organization meet its sustainability goals?
  3. How do microgrids support your organization’s risk and resilience strategy?
  4. Common ownership and financing paths for microgrids.


Michael Burr, Director, Microgrid Institute
Erica Hauver, Senior Vice President, Hitachi Energy Solutions
Steve Pullins, Vice President, Hitachi Energy Solutions



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