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Why Vehicle Fleets Are Electrifying

Companies and organizations are beginning to explore how to transition part of their medium and heavy-duty vehicle fleets to electric. While it’s still early days in this market, companies are being pushed by mandates, incentivized by subsidies, and also — in certain specific use cases — able to save money on operating costs.

In this webcast, you’ll learn about which applications are enabling early adopter fleet managers to transition medium and heavy duty fleets to electric. You’ll also hear about the sectors where it’s still difficult to justify EVs. In addition we’ll dig into the economics, the technology, the relevant policies, and the challenges facing this transition.

Among the topics this session will address include:

  • Early adopter EV fleet applications
  • Solutions to overcome market barriers, like alternative financing
  • Overview of policies at the state and federal level
  • Charging and infrastructure requirements
  • The challenges that are holding back this market


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