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10 Tips for How ESG Leadership and Staff Can Support Company Boards

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August, 2023

Improve ESG Knowledge and Understanding at the Board Level

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs have experienced significant growth in both visibility and importance in the past five years.

Companies across industry sectors, faced with a reckoning on ESG concerns and initiatives, invested in staff, program developments and data systems specifically concentrated around ESG. At the highest levels, company directors depend upon in-house leaders and professionals to keep them abreast of ESG issues, distill and interpret ESG data, offer guidance and answer questions.

While ESG leadership and staff bring visibility, credibility and technical expertise of ESG to the board level, it also creates a burden to communicate often complex, ambiguous and potentially intangible matters in a manner that is effective and meaningful for what can be a difficult audience.

These 10 tips for ESG leaders/staff can help them improve how they communicate with boards.  From becoming aware of potential communication challenges to suggestions about internal controls and considerations in presenting business value of ESG programs, these tips offer practical knowledge to communicate effectively with directors, ensuring credibility of ESG leaders and viability of the programs.


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