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Ammonia: Transitioning to a Net-Zero Future


March, 2022

Emissions reduction is front and center around the world. Learn how diverse industries are collaborating and innovating to advance a net-zero future for ammonia. 

Nutrien, the world’s largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions, is actively pursuing sustainable and productive agriculture and emissions reduction targets. As one of the largest producers of low-carbon ammonia in the world today, the development and use of both low-carbon and clean ammonia supports society’s decarbonization goals not only in agriculture, but also in other hard-to-abate sectors.  

In agriculture, nitrogen fertilizer is critical for growing healthy crops; however, it generates GHG emissions during production and when it is utilized. The adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices and low-carbon fertilizers offer global solutions to help reduce emissions across the entire value chain.  

In addition to agriculture, ammonia as a clean fuel source has gained traction in industries such as maritime transportation. The path forward for an ammonia-fueled vessel is being paved. 

Explore how low-carbon ammonia is helping develop a functional global supply chain, leading to the integration and scaling of clean ammonia advancements. 

Read about processes, technologies and markets being leveraged today and the unique partnerships that have formed and continue to form, to advance a net-zero future for ammonia.  

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