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Being Blind to Water Use Is Costing Your Business More Than You Think


July, 2021

No commercial property is immune to water blindness. But failing to address it can be devastating. Aside from being inefficient, water blindness may lead to catastrophic property damage and exorbitant bills. The best time to solve it is today. 

So how do you address water blindness? Experts from HydroPoint recommend tackling it with data, technology and a team of qualified experts. To truly have an impact, solutions must address financial, operational and environmental sustainability - both indoors and outdoors.  When data, technology and expertise are harnessed in water management, it benefits both the environment and the customer. In one such case, for example, Lowe’s saved $5 million in water costs across 1,000 retail facilities, plus reducing their carbon footprint.

Drawing on decades of hands-on experience, HydroPoint experts cover the tactics for alleviating water blindness across a variety of commercial properties. This white paper includes: 

  • The true definition of “water blindness” and how it’s impacting your organization
  • Common sources of water leaks and waste
  • Best practices for outdoor irrigation use 
  • Indoor building leak situations and how to detect them
  • Cooling tower water use – ways to reduce costs

Learn more about water blindness in commercial water management and the solutions that can help. 

Download the white paper today. 

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