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The Benefits of Getting your ESG Due Diligence Right


March, 2022

Investing in today’s corporate environment is more challenging than ever. Issues such as carbon emissions, human rights violations, and corrupt governance create complex risks that can cripple investments while increased regulations and market volatility complicate these issues even further.

To navigate these concerns and mitigate risks, both investors and stakeholders are focused on aligning investments with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles. The way a company handles ESG issues can directly affect its long-term performance and valuation. Because of this, more investors are insisting that ESG factors are specifically included in the due diligence process to better manage risk and enhance performance.

In this report, we take a look at what’s driving the focus on ESG due diligence, why it’s important to get it right, how to design an effective ESG due diligence process (hint: it’s not just about minimizing risk but maximizing return), the benefits it can deliver, and what’s next in this rapidly changing area.

Download this report & start integrating ESG into your due diligence process today!

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