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Committing to Net Zero: How Businesses are Meeting Their Carbon Pledge


December, 2021

Study finds 87% of U.S. companies view sustainability as a long-term investment rather than a cost.

Leaders of large U.S. companies have realized that sustainability is key to their success. The energy efficiency of the buildings they own and/or lease has become a top priority.

This impacts portfolio and facility managers overseeing building management, maintenance, refurbishing and construction, as well as vendors and commercial real estate professionals who support these efforts.

In fact, the top priorities for sustainability initiatives companies expect to take over the next year will focus on the physical spaces where they operate, according to a new survey conducted by Honeywell and The Business Journals and 84% of respondents believe their companies can generate economic value by identifying and addressing social problems that intersect with their companies.

To get more insight on the initiatives companies are taking, download this paper created by Honeywell and The Business Journals documenting the sustainability landscape for commercial buildings.

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