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Distributed Energy Future Trends: The Insights Behind Sustainable Business Growth

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September, 2019

Forward-thinking businesses across the U.S. are prioritizing sustainability as both customer expectations and the energy market evolve. In today’s fast-changing world, that kind of long-term thinking drives growth—and offers a major competitive advantage.

While many businesses are looking for innovative ways to balance financial performance and environmental responsibility, only one in eight believe they’re successfully doing so. By changing the way they think about energy in the context of their wider business plan, these sustainable businesses have enhanced growth, reduced operating costs, and improved brand reputation.

 Our new Distributed Energy Future Trends report provides compelling insight around sustainable business growth.

 In addition to our latest research, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be a sustainable business—and why it’s more than just “going green”
  • How you can balance environmental and economic considerations
  • How your peers are responding to market changes
  • The eight characteristics of a sustainable business
  • Four clear steps you can take to accelerate your business’ transformation

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