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The Electrification Era I Scaling Up Electric Vehicles

a layered image of colorful car lights at night driving on a curving freeway

June, 2023

EV fleets are expanding at a fast pace in several of the world’s largest markets. This is being driven by governments and automakers who are promoting electricity powered vehicles as a key technology to curb oil use, fight climate change and air pollution.

As more renewable energy sources are used, power systems must become more flexible and adjustable to balance supply with demand. To achieve this, services have required that span from fractions of a second to seasonal time scales. Solar and wind power will become increasingly critical, but their intermittent nature will result in nearly twice the annual variability in residual demand compared to today.

EVs have the potential to provide grid-connected storage and in doing so revolutionize the way we use and manage energy.

In this white paper, GridBeyond examines the concepts of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, the landscape for EV fleets and the opportunities for businesses to not only secure additional revenues but to boost their green credentials by helping the grid to increase levels of renewables generation in the energy mix.

This paper also explores EV policies in several countries including North America, UK, Ireland, Japan and Australia.


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