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Energy as a Service eGuide


August, 2022

Grid outages.

Hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, and other severe weather.

Ever-fluctuating energy prices.

Growing demand for fewer emissions and “greener” practices.

Organizations of all sizes and industries are facing new energy challenges.

But now, there’s a solution to help you overcome these challenges, so you can operate with greater energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost control. It’s called Energy as a Service, and it’s revolutionizing the way organizations create and consume energy.

This e-guide explores the ins and outs of the Energy as a Service business model.

  • Learn about the three trends shaping the new energy landscape
  • Find out how Energy as a Service solves your energy challenges
  • Discover microgrids and other technologies behind the model
  • Read about two Energy as a Service ventures backed by Schneider Electric™ and global investment firms
  • Explore a real-life success story
  • Determine if Energy as a Service is a good fit for your organization

Greater energy control is at your fingertips. Ready to get it for less risk and zero upfront costs?

Download the e-guide to get started.

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