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Engage Suppliers to Reduce Scope 3 Emissions and Beyond

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September, 2023

Work With Your Suppliers to Accelerate Scope 3 Emissions Reductions and More 

As reporting regulation and public interest in sustainability continue to grow, more organizations are feeling the internal and external pressure to not only reduce their GHG emissions but also the emissions associated with their value chain. Collecting and reporting Scopes 1 and 2 data is already a challenge for most organizations without the added complication of gathering this information from their suppliers as well. 

To overcome this challenge, organizations need to establish active partnerships with suppliers across their value chain and work together to find mutually beneficial solutions for tracking, managing, and ultimately reducing emissions associated with their and their suppliers’ operations.  

Engage Suppliers to Reduce Scope 3 Emissions and Beyond explores:

  • Common barriers to reporting Scope 3
  • Pathways to accelerate Scope 3 emissions reductions
  • Methods to strengthen supplier engagement and partnerships
  • Considerations to improve overall sustainability performance across value chain, beyond GHG emissions

Download the latest white paper from FigBytes, Engage Suppliers to Reduce Scope 3 Emissions and Beyond, and begin simplifying your Scope 3 program and reporting today!

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