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ESG Program Liftoff: How to Start Strong, Build Momentum, and Sustain Your Gains


November, 2021

Organizations around the world are feeling increasing pressure to deliver on ESG commitments. The challenge for corporate leaders charged with standing up an ESG reporting program, and fully operationalizing ESG over time, is knowing where to begin and how to make the program sustainable and successful. Determining which aspects of ESG are material to their enterprise, what to measure, and how to report ESG data—it’s a complex puzzle that requires proper planning and processes to ensure ESG disclosures meet investors’ and other stakeholders’ stringent demands. 

By following certain steps upfront and simplifying ESG program management, ESG leaders can report ESG performance metrics with confidence and ease—and create a virtuous cycle of improvement that can reduce operating costs, minimize risks, and strengthen market prospects.

In this brief guide from Benchmark ESG, you’ll learn:

  • The four steps to ESG reporting readiness
  • How to ensure your data is investment grade
  • The secret to simplifying ESG reporting and program management
  • How you can operationalize ESG across your enterprise and continually drive progress

Download “ESG Program Liftoff” today, and start laying the groundwork for ESG success!

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