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ESG Reporting Frameworks & Regulations - What Applies to Me?


March, 2023

Driven by advancements in corporate accountability in the European Union, we’re currently experiencing a wave of new ESG reporting frameworks and regulations. While these initiatives will spur much-needed action around ESG and climate issues, it can be challenging to decode what they mean for your business. To many, this influx of frameworks and regulations has added more complexity to the alphabet soup of acronyms that define the ESG disclosure space.

How should you make sense of these changes for your business? What do the various frameworks and regulations require, and which apply to you? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, you’re not alone.

Download our ESG Reporting Frameworks & Regulations white paper to learn:

  • An overview of today’s most relevant and influential ESG reporting frameworks and regulations
  • Who each framework or regulation applies to, ESG topics covered, and disclosure requirements for each
  • Various industry-specific mandates to keep an eye on
  • The state of mandatory climate disclosure across the globe

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