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Global Executive Survey: Known Gaps and Blind Spots in Corporate Sustainability – Part I


November, 2020

Despite increasingly ambitious targets and a stated desire to meet these targets, companies continue to delay action to implement the necessary changes. How will they close the gap?

We surveyed 200 executives of large multinationals to better understand priorities, barriers, and key practices that accelerated sustainability transformation.

Our research has revealed three known gaps in sustainability execution:

  • Managing Unknowns. While companies see significant value in quantifying risks and opportunities, few have invested meaningfully in the tools to evaluate them. 62% see quantifying opportunities associated to climate change as a near-term priority.
  • Engaging Suppliers. Companies increasingly see supplier decarbonization as a near-term priority, but they haven’t adopted measures to drive accountability. Over 50% of companies see supplier efficiency and renewable energy projects as a near-term priority.
  • Redefining Finance. While organizations recognize the significant financial impact of sustainability programs, they are slow to adopt innovative finance mechanisms that can accelerate capital deployment. 83% see their sustainability strategy impacting corporate revenues and profits.

Read more in our latest report, Global Executive Survey: Known Gaps and Blind Spots in Corporate Sustainability, which will be released in two parts. Download Part I today, and sign-up to have Part II delivered to your inbox when it’s released.

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