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Global Research Report: Complex Data Increasing Regulations & Cutting-Edge Solutions


April, 2023

Your EHS and ESG obligations are becoming more numerous and more complex every day. From increased market expectations and regulatory responsibilities to managing overwhelming amounts of data, organizations are under pressure to deliver effective EHS and ESG programs while still providing value to customers and stakeholders. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t know where to start as they struggle to meet these challenges. 

Knowing how to succeed in this environment requires understanding how other organizations are managing these same challenges. To help with this, Intelex has created the Global Research Report and the EHS and ESG Maturity Survey.

The Global Research Report is built on research findings from Vanson Bourne. It examines the state of EHS and ESG in Europe and North America to help organizations better understand how their peers are creating effective programs for safety and sustainability. It highlights the common challenges, the diverse solutions and the technology that can provide the foundation to mitigating EHS and ESG risk and finding opportunities to thrive.

Our EHS and ESG Maturity Survey gives organizations the opportunity to diagnose the maturity of their EHS and ESG programs to see how they measure up against industry standards. The results of this survey can help leaders make informed strategic decisions about where to focus their EHS and ESG resources and how to use Intelex technology to become safety and sustainability leaders.


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