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Going Beyond Environmental Claims


November, 2020

Consumers have made it clear; they want more sustainable packaging, but they also want brands to do much more than make claims like “green,” “environmentally-friendly” or “sustainable” in their marketing. With all kinds of hard data right at their fingertips to verify whether a green claim in true or not, brands would be rewarded by consumers if they take dedicated steps to vet and study in depth the environmental practices implemented by their suppliers and partners. 

Sun Chemical’s white paper, Going Beyond Environmental Claims, shows ways that printers and their ink manufacturing partners can work together to help brands achieve their sustainability goals. 

Some examples highlighted in the white paper include the use of bio-renewable inks which are formulated with significantly higher levels of renewable raw materials than a typical ink. Other inks or solutions have been developed to enhance recycling and compostability. 

Some inks are developed to help pressroom efficiency by reducing waste and volatile organic compounds. Other solutions help to extend product shelf life and lightweight packaging. Regulatory compliance also plays a critical role in achieving not only sustainability initiatives, but also food safety. 

Download Sun Chemical’s Going Beyond Environmental Claims to learn how suppliers and printers alike can help brands achieve their sustainability initiatives while also maintaining all the other critical components needed for packaging.  

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